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Emotional Support Animals

Oklahoma State University recognizes the importance of “Assistance Animals” under the Fair Housing Act, which are animals that provide comfort and/or emotional support to individuals with disabilities.  Assistance Animals are NOT Service Animals. OSU is also committed to providing individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy University housing. Emotional Support Animals may NOT be kept in university housing at any time prior to the individual receiving approval from Residential Life.

SAS’s role is to verify documentation of need for an ESA and to send verification to Residential Life, who handles the remainder of the process.


Please be advised: the ESA process from the initial request to actually bringing the animal into housing may take up to 30 days.

The process to have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) approved is listed below.

  1. Complete the “New Student Application” through our AIM portal. If you are currently registered with SAS, do not complete the application. Start with Step 2.
  2. Submit to SAS signed documentation on professional letter head from a qualified professional who is currently treating you. The letter must:
    • state your diagnosis
    • state what the animal is (i.e. dog, cat, rabbit, etc.)
    • identify a nexus (connection) between your treatment plan and ESA

The documentation may either be faxed to 405-744-1143 or emailed to Once the correct documentation has been received, SAS will email Residential Life confirming the appropriate documentation is on file.

  1. Upon receiving your email, you will need to read and complete the Res Life ESA Agreement Form. Upon completion, return the form to Residential Life at Iba Hall. To confirm your ESA process status or for questions, call Residential Life at 405-744-5994.
  2. You should keep at least 14 days of supplies (food, medicine or other pet needs) for your pet in the event you need to quarantine. 

ESAs are to be well behaved (no loud noises, biting, etc.) You are allowed only one ESA. If the ESA is a dog or a cat, the animal must be at least 6 months old and have had its rabies shots.  There are no fees for ESAs, but Residential Life will charge for repairs if there is damage.


Only approved Emotional Support Animals are allowed in residential housing. ESAs are not allowed in other campus buildings, including classroom buildings, Student Union and Library.

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