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Student Accessibility Services

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Service Animals

A service animal is either a dog or miniature pony that has been trained to complete a specific task. Only two questions may be asked of individuals with service animals:

  • Is there a disability?
  • Is the animal trained to complete a specific task/duty?

Legally, individuals with service animals are not required to register their animal; therefore, neither SAS nor any campus department keeps documentation/record of Service Animals. They are not required to wear a vest or be leashed.

Handlers must retain good control over the animal, and the animal must be well behaved. If a service animal in your class becomes disruptive or aggressive and the handler is unable to regain or maintain control, report them to Student Conduct.

For questions or concerns regarding service animals, please contact us.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

ESAs are not trained to perform a specific task and come in a wide variety of animals (dog, cat, lizard, rabbit, snake, etc.). They are allowed on OSU campus only in Residence Halls after approval from SAS and Housing & Residential Life. Some may wear vests or have identification cards, but if the answer to either of the questions above is “no,” the animal is not a service animal and therefore not allowed in class.      

Therapy Animal

Therapy animals are not assistance animals. They are those that, like Pete’s Pet Posse or animals visiting care facilities or hospitals, have completed basic behavior training and are used to provide temporary relief of stress or distress. Dogs participating in Pete’s Pet Posse must receive a Canine Good Citizen certificate and successfully register with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

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