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Student Accessibility Services at Oklahoma State University offers academic support services to students with disabilities taking courses through the OSU and Northern Oklahoma College-Stillwater campus. 


New student application

For accessibility services, click below to start your application.


Welcome back, Cowboys!

Student Accessibility Services is here to assist you with making the most of this semester.

Covid-19 accommodations

Find out about how we're adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to register for accommodations

Follow this link to find out how to register for accessibility accommodations at Oklahoma State University.

Committed to the public good


Student Accessibility Services provides assistance in the classroom and in everyday life on campus.

Assistive Technology

Technology to assist you in your college career.

Campus Access

Access maps and information about how to get around campus.

Faculty Corner

Find resources and information for faculty.

Student Corner

Find resources and information for students.


Learn about offered scholarships.


The Department of Public Safety and OSU Police Department make an experienced, knowledgeable team committed to protecting our campus.

AIM Tutorials

Tutorials on receiving accommodations through AIM.


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