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Oklahoma State University

Apply for Accommodations

Step 1

To register with OSU's Student Accessibility Services is to provide documentation of the disability.  We will need either a dated letter from a professional or the actual dated evaluation that lists the diagnosis (lists the disability). If the student was on a 504 or IEP in high school, we will also need a copy of this.  

The following is what is needed from the doctor (it needs to be on letter head and in a professionally typed letter format - not written on a prescription pad).

  • The credentials of the evaluator(s).
  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability.
  • A description of the diagnostic methodology used.
  • A description of the current functional limitations.
  • A description of the expected progression or stability of the disability.
  • A description of current and past accommodations services and/or medications.
  • Recommendations for accommodations.

You can either email the documentation to, fax it to (405) 744-1143 or bring it to the office at 1202 W Farm Rd, 155 UHS, Stillwater, OK 74078.

Step 2

Once the documentation has been received and reviewed, the student can set up an intake meeting to discuss accommodations and resources available. In order to set up academic accommodations, there will need to be a face-to-face meeting.

For students beginning in the fall semester, this meeting typically occurs the summer before school starts (preferably before or after orientation), or you can schedule your intake meeting for the first or second week of the semester. Our summer appointments fill up quickly, so you will want to schedule the appointment as soon as possible.