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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Corner

Welcome to the Faculty Corner! We compiled this information with professors in mind as partnership and clear communication between SAS and faculty is essential in provision of student accommodations. Our desire is to ensure you receive necessary support as you work with students for their academic and future success.

Use the tabs on the left side of the page to navigate by topic. If the information here does not answer your questions or you would like clarification in a specific case, please contact our office.

The Process

Students needing accommodations are responsible for self-identifying and registering with SAS. Documentation of disability must first be submitted and verified by SAS. Students then complete an intake meeting with SAS staff to discuss the limitations resulting from their disability and needed accommodations. Within 1-2 business days of completing the intake, students receive an accommodation letter via email from SAS. They are responsible to forward this email to their professors and to arrange a time to discuss their accommodations with you. Disclosure of the nature of disability is not required in this conversation; a student’s diagnosed disability is legally protected information under HIPAA and FERPA. The accommodation letter created by SAS serves as verification that the student has a disability and requires reasonable accommodations.

Common Accommodation Questions