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Student Accessibility Services

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ADA seating

Students needing ADA seating may require specialized chairs and/or tables or may bring personal orthopedic supports.


ADA tables and chairs are supplied by OSU and placed in classrooms as needed prior to the beginning of a semester or when SAS is notified of need. ADA equipment will be specified in the student’s accommodation letter. ADA equipment that is property of OSU is marked with a blue tag and may not be moved, repositioned, or used for another purpose or person.

Testing accommodations

Students are directed to communicate with their professor concerning the implementation of accommodations, particularly testing. Conversation should determine where a student will test and the timeframe to take exam. It is the professor’s discretion to allow exams to be taken outside of the regularly scheduled class/exam time. Students testing with an accommodation of extended time cannot be required to schedule at such a time as will result in the student arriving late to or missing another class.

Testing accommodations are provided by one of two means:

University Assessment and Testing

UAT offers exam services at no charge to students registered with SAS. Students are responsible for scheduling their exams/quizzes with UAT and must inform their professors no less than 3 business days prior to the exam.

Once notified of an exam at UAT, the professor submits the exam to UAT using the Online Test Submission Form. UAT will return the completed exam.


Alternatively, professors may choose to find a proctor or act as proctor. All testing accommodations must still be met; i.e., if the student is to have a private room, a private room in your department must be found (observation of student is permitted for test integrity purposes).

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